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Cattle breeds of Australia

Here’s an extensive table of various breeds of cattle along with their key features:

BreedOriginCoat ColorPurposeTemperamentNotable Traits
AngusScotlandBlackBeef productionDocile, easy to handleExcellent marbling, tender meat
HerefordEnglandRed and WhiteBeef productionCalm, friendlyGood foragers, adaptable
Santa GertrudisUSARedBeef productionHeat-resistantTropical adaptability
Murray GreyAustraliaSilver-GrayBeef and DairyDocile, gentleHigh fertility, good marbling
DroughtmasterAustraliaVariedBeef productionResilient, adaptableHeat and tick resistance
CharolaisFranceWhiteBeef productionDocile, calmFast growth rate, heavy muscling
LimousinFranceRed, BlackBeef productionActive, energeticHigh feed efficiency
BrahmanUSARed, Gray, BlackBeef productionHeat-tolerantDisease and insect resistance
HerefordshireEnglandRed and WhiteBeef productionFriendly, good mothersEarly maturity, high fertility
GelbviehGermanyRed, GoldenBeef productionGentle, docileGood maternal instincts
SimmentalSwitzerlandRed and WhiteBeef productionCalm, efficientHigh growth rate, good milk production
ShorthornEnglandRed, White, RoanBeef productionCalm, easy to handleDual-purpose breed (beef and milk)
Hereford CrossbreedEngland/USAVariedBeef productionVersatileCombines Hereford traits with other breeds
CharbrayUSAVariedBeef productionDocile, good mothersBrahman-Charolais crossbreed
Black BaldyUSABlack and WhiteBeef productionCalm, hardyAngus-Hereford crossbreed
Red AngusScotlandRedBeef productionGentle, good mothersSame qualities as Black Angus, but in red color
HighlandScotlandVariedBeef productionHardy, independentLong-haired, adapted to rugged terrains
Blonde d’AquitaineFranceCream to Light BrownBeef productionGentle, fast-growingLean muscularity, efficient feed conversion
ChianinaItalyWhiteBeef productionDocile, strongLargest breed, high growth rate
Maine-AnjouFranceRed and WhiteBeef productionDocile, good mothersHigh-quality meat, good milk production
PiedmonteseItalyWhiteBeef productionGentle, leanDouble muscling gene, tender meat
TuliZimbabwe/South Af.RedBeef productionAdaptable, disease-res.Heat and tick resistance
WagyuJapanBlack, RedBeef productionCalm, marbled meatHigh-quality marbling, tender meat
Scottish HighlanderScotlandRed, BlackBeef productionHardy, independentLong-haired, adapted to harsh climates
Belted GallowayScotlandBlack with White BeltBeef productionDocile, good mothersUnique belt of white hair around the midsection
GallowayScotlandBlack, RedBeef productionHardy, adaptableDouble coat for winter insulation
BrahfordUSARed and WhiteBeef productionResilient, good mothersBrahman-Hereford crossbreed
Red PollEnglandRedBeef and MilkGentle, efficientDual-purpose breed with good temperament
LonghornEnglandVariedBeef productionHardy, strongDistinctive long, curved horns
MarchigianaItalyWhiteBeef productionDocile, good mothersHeavy muscling, good milk production
RomagnolaItalyWhiteBeef productionDocile, heavy musclingHardy, fast growth rate
BrangusUSABlackBeef productionDocile, heat-resistantBrahman-Angus crossbreed
SalersFranceRedBeef productionHardy, good mothersExcellent foraging ability, high-quality meat
GyrIndiaVariedBeef productionHeat and tick res., ac.Bos indicus breed, resistant to hot climates
ZebuIndia/AfricaVariedBeef productionResilient, heat-tolerantBos indicus breed, adapted to tropical environments

Please note that this table includes a wide variety of cattle breeds from different countries and regions. Each breed possesses unique traits and characteristics that make them well-suited to specific environments and farming practices. Further research and consultation with experts would be necessary when selecting a breed that aligns with specific farming goals and conditions.

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